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The TV Series [302] For fanfiction based on the CW television series.
The Original Book Series [189] For fanfiction based on the first four Vampire Diaries books published from 1991.
The New Trilogies [85] For fanfiction based on the events in The Return and The Hunters trilogies, published from 2009.
Stefan's Diaries [0] For fanfiction based on the TV series spinoff book series.
Crossovers [22] For stories that combine The Vampire Diaries with other fandoms.
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Another Night by Orizielle K
What if they couldn’t immediately go to Lady Ulma’s, after Damon had rescued...
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I Dream of Damon by Rashel K
There are no spoilers on the books, this takes place way before VD. This is...

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Quick update, and new characters need to be added

The Return Trilogy category has been renamed to the New Trilogies category to account for the new books being written.

A category for the TV series spinoff book series, 'Stefan's Diaries' has been added.

New characters need to be added desperately. Please respond in the comments here with the character you need adding, and the category they need to be in.

--Red on Apr 14 2012 09:50 am 5 Comments

New layout

I've updated the layout mainly because the old one hurt my eyes. Maybe I'm getting old. ;) If you see any weirdness or something doesn't work, please let me know about it so that I can poke it with a sharp stick.

--Red on Oct 10 2009 08:20 pm 5 Comments

TV Series Category Added

A category for the TV series has been added, along with known characters so far. :)

--Red on Sep 12 2009 11:55 am 4 Comments

Vampire Diaries TV series officially picked up

The TV series has been picked up. Once the pilot is available for general viewing and we know the character names for sure, a fanfiction section for the TV series will be added.

--Red on May 19 2009 02:57 pm 5 Comments

Submitting Stories and Email Bouncing

In answer to a question that came up, the only files that you can upload are .txt and .htm(l). Any other files (like Word docs) won't work - you will need to save those as text or html files, or copy and paste the content of the file into the form. Sadly, eFiction isn't as sophisticated as FFN, so doesn't support MicroSoft or Open Office files.

Please make sure you sign up and contact me with a working email address, otherwise my responses to your questions (such as the one above) will just bounce back to me.

--Red on Mar 14 2009 12:42 pm 4 Comments

Characters Added

Characters have been added to the following crossover categories:

Angel, Anita Blake, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Resident Evil, Supernatural, Twilight

If you need a crossover category adding, or more characters adding to those already up, drop a comment and I'll do that.

If you add your fic to the crossover category, please be sure to add it to one of the regular VD categories at the same time. Thanks.

--Red on Mar 09 2009 09:01 am 8 Comments